Bad Breath Cures List – How To Heal Your Halitosis

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Bad breath is a nasty curse. Chronic bad breath, even worse! Everyone gets it, some more than others – I create this site for you, dear sisters and brothers.
There is a cure for your bad breath. Some take a bit more effort, but rest assured, they are out there.
If even 1 person benefits from this site, it is worth it. 🙂


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List of cures:


Proper Oral Hygiene

It goes without saying, if you don’t brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at minimum, you are asking for bb. It is absolutely essential to do. Additional methods include: waterpik, scraping the tongue & mouthwash (see below).



The #1 cure for chronic bad breath, is to get a tonsillectomy. Your tonsils gather bacteria every MILLISECOND. They are filled with tiny crypts which collect and trap it and this eventually leads to nasty odor. Tonsils are difficult to clean. In fact, it is almost impossible to consistently clean them if they are the cause of your bb (bad breath). Hence, if this is the case, you must get a tonsillectomy!
Note: Tonsil stones are a common indicator that you need to get a tonsillectomy. To check if you have them, wash your hands then push your index finger on your tonsil flaps to see if there is anything inside. If you see white dots, or small white clumps of material, you have tonsil stones.



There is another section of tissue at the back of your mouth called “Adenoids” which is sometimes, albeit rarely a cause of bad breath. With that said, it is highly recommended if you plan to get a tonsillectomy that you also get this procedure done at the same time. MANY doctors do not understand that Adenoids can cause bb, in fact they will tell you that they shrink in adulthood and you don’t have them. You must be persistent in your demands to get them removed at the same time as your tonsils. You will be happy you did!



Believe it or not, many of you who visit this site are not actually suffering from chronic bad breath, but instead Halitophobia. Halitophobia is a condition whereby someone thinks they have bad breath, but in reality they don’t. It can be very severe to the point you spend years of your life buying countless products and being afraid.


Everyone knows that certain foods cause bad breath. Be it garlic, onions or something else, we should all be brushing our teeth and scraping after eating such food. With that said, there are some other foods which are known to cause bb, particularly in people who already suffer from it chronically. The main problem source is: MEAT. Avoid eating meat if you can. Furthermore, it is best if you can limit your diet to mostly fruits and vegetables. Fun fact: I personally drank just water for 14 days without eating any food (it’s called water fasting, look it up) and in that time my chronic bad breath improved greatly. Why? There was nothing inside my mouth for the nasty bacteria to feed on, so they disappeared. However, when I started eating meat again, the bb came back!


Odor Masking:

There are some methods that greatly improve or eliminate your bad breath, which simply require a bit more effort on your part to maintain. These aren’t permanent cures, but they allow you to go about your business without offending people along the way. If you need to use the below methods, chances are you are suffering from chronic bb.


Homemade Mouthwash

There are many mouthwashes out there which are far more powerful than what you might find in your local grocery store/supermarket. They range from stuff you can make at home, to prescription-based ones.

Bleach solution (opens in new tab)

One of the best DIY mouthwashes is the Chlorine Bleach solution. It is composed of 2 things:
1) Water
2) Bleach
Get a bottle of unscented bleach (if you don’t have one already). Pour 1 TEASPOON into a clear glass or bottle. Proceed to measure 30 more teaspoonfuls of water into the container. This dilutes the bleach enough that it is safe to gargle. You should NEVER use a greater than 20:1 ratio of water-to-bleach or it becomes unsafe to use. The recommended ratio is 30:1, but if you have trouble with the taste at first, try 40:1 instead.
Shake well before use. Take a moderate amount and swish gently covering all areas of the mouth and gargle as deep down the throat as you can, without swallowing. Generally, you should do this for at least 1 minute. The taste is awful, but it is worth it.
Additionally, dip your toothbrush or TUNG Brush into the solution to brush your tongue with. This is an effective way to clean your tongue. Use it to brush your teeth and other areas for maximum effect.

Hydrogen Peroxide (opens in new tab)

Rubbing Alcohol! Who would have thought this could be used to cure your bad breath? Well, it can! Many sufferers have reported significant bad breath reduction using this mouthwash. Furthermore, it is safe to ingest so you don’t need to worry about swallowing the odd bit here and there.

Chlorihexidine (opens in new tab)

This one I can’t say I have personally tried, but there are many reports of it working on chronic bb patients for up to 72 hours. Just make sure you dilute it with water to 0.2% before use.


Tongue Scraper (opens in new tab)

Hands down the most important tool for chronic bb sufferers. Use it every morning and throughout the day as needed. Scrape as far back on the tongue as possible. This alone is an adequate remedy for some minor cases.

TUNG Brush (opens in new tab)

Not quite as effective as the above mouthwashes, but an essential tool for anyone who suffers from chronic bb nonetheless, which is why it is here. This brush seamlessly sucks up odorous material from the darkest depths of the back of your tongue. It provides a cleaner feel to your mouth after use, and is something a tongue scraper just cannot match.

Dental Probiotics

Dental probiotics are like digestive probiotics, only they work in the mouth and not the stomach. These good bacteria grow in your mouth and fight against the bad bacteria. Over time, the good will overcome the bad and create a healthy environment for your mouth and throat. I personally haven’t tried them, but there are plenty of stories of those who have and had great results.

So there you have it. A list of the best bad breath cures. The list isn’t complete – as more cures are discovered, we intend to add them. However, in the meantime take advantage of the above methods. Thank you for stopping by – don’t forget to come back once each month to check for new updates. See you soon!